How Quick Is A Wire Transfer?

Wire transfers are one of the most common ways to move cash from one account to another, both domestically and internationally. Apart from banks, several other financial institutions offer wire money transfer services, including credit unions and online money transfer platforms.

In the past, wire transfers were done through telegraph wires, but today they involve the electronic transfer of money between different banks, credit unions, and e-wallets. With an electronic wire transfer, you can send money to people locally and overseas from the comfort of your home. But how quick is a wire transfer? Continue reading to find out how quickly you can expect a wire transfer to take. 

How Long Does An Online Wire Transfer Take?

Normally, online wire transfers happen immediately, especially when done through a digital transfer platform, such as Cashero. Most online money transfer platforms allow wire transfers to go through within a few minutes. This is because online wire transfers do not involve multiple parties like bank-to-bank transfers. For an online wire transfer, all you need to have is a registered and verified account with the service provider. The recipient also must have a registered and verified account with the online platform to allow the transfer to go quickly and smoothly.

Online money transfer platforms will also often allow you to convert your currency with the click of a button. This makes the entire process of wiring money easier and faster. Plus, some online payment processing systems store your payment history so that you do not have to fill out the application form every time you want to transfer money to the same recipient. That way, you only need to key in the recipient’s name or email address and the system fills out the other details.

Online wire transfer application forms are easier and faster to fill than the physical ones issued by local banks. Some online money transfer platforms only ask you to provide them with the recipient’s email address and the rest happens automatically. This saves your time and ensures that your wire transfer goes through as quickly as possible.

How Long Does A Bank-to-Bank Wire Transfer Take?

A domestic bank-to-bank wire transfer typically takes around three days. But if you and your intended recipient have accounts at the same financial institution, the wire transfer may take less than a day. However, if you are sending money overseas, the transfer process might take between three to seven days because it involves many parties, including foreign banks and multiple processing systems.

Also, if you’re in the US, your bank must report any wire transfer that amounts to $10,000 or more to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). This can slow the transfer process, often resulting in delayed transactions. 

You can also expect delays if any of the information for the recipient’s account details was incorrect. Public holidays can also delay bank-to-bank and credit union wire transfers because there are no employees to serve you. These are some important factors you need to consider when thinking about the best wire transfer method to use. 


If you’re looking for the fastest way to send money, then your best option is to look for an online transfer service, rather than go directly through a bank. By using the latest advancements in financial technology these transfer providers are able to offer nearly instantaneous transfers for little to no cost. At Cashero we offer free, instant transfers between users in over 160 countries. Click here to learn more about our transfer services.

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